Take Your Brand Globally

Disaster Checks
Brand names are checked by professional native-speakers who report if there are any negative, positive or neutral associations. With very quick turnaround timelines delivered.

Logo Evaluation
Logo’s are checked by professional native-speakers of typically 2-3 or more linguist teams, who report if there are any negative, positive, or neutral associations with the shape and colour of the desired logo. And if anything similar is present within the target country. Again, with very fast turnaround provided to our clients.


Understanding Your Market

We can consult with you on eLearning courseware, website content, audio scripts, presentations and other materials to ensure they align with your audience’s cultural values, educational system, language usage, learning preferences and cross-cultural dimensions.

Our Cultural Adaptation services include:

Initial consultation and review of materials
Preparation of custom materials
Market Research
Strategic plans for adaptation & implementation
Test adaptations